Here at Sonoma Smiles, saving your natural smile is one of our top priorities. However, there come times when certain teeth may be beyond the scope of preservation. If that’s the case, extracting the tooth may be the best step toward improved health. Our team provides gentle tooth extractions in Rohnert Park, CA.

Should I Extract My Tooth?

There are several scenarios where a dental extraction may be recommended. Ultimately, it will come down to evaluating your specific situation, comfort level, and long-term oral health goals. Some of the most common reasons why our Rohnert Park dentist will recommend removing a tooth include:

• Aggressive periodontal disease

• Severe pain/toothaches

• Intense structural damage or trauma

• Advanced tooth decay

• Untreated, chronic dental abscess

During your exam, we’ll take a small digital X-ray of your tooth to evaluate its full structure. Depending on the extent of damage, infection, and restorative options, we will let you know whether removing the tooth is the best solution.

Lady having a tooth extraction

Ensuring Your Comfort

On-site sedation dentistry options allow you to feel as calm and relaxed as possible during your extraction. Depending on your comfort level and treatment needs, we offer a variety of sedation choices to consider, as well as non-medicated relaxation (NuCalm.)

What To Expect

As with other dental treatments, we’ll numb the tooth and area immediately adjacent to it. Chances are all you’ll feel is a little pressure. Once the tooth is removed, we advise that you stick to a soft diet, avoid alcohol/caffeine/tobacco, and take it easy for a couple of days. Be sure to rinse with warm salt water a few times a day to minimize inflammation and infection. We will send you with a written set of care instructions so that you know exactly what to do once you get back home.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

In addition to simple dental extractions, we also provide onsite surgical wisdom tooth removal (when appropriate.) Impacted wisdom teeth can damage neighboring healthy teeth and are difficult to keep clean. As a result, they’re at high risk for conditions like gum disease and tooth decay. Because of their hard-to-reach location, early removal is typically the standard of care for infected or impacted wisdom teeth.

Get An Experienced Opinion

Sonoma Smiles offers expert care when it comes to removing teeth and reconstructing smiles. Contact our Rohnert Park dental office today to reserve an appointment.