Taking advantage of our safe and comfortable sedation dentistry options can help you feel at ease during any dental procedure. If you are struggling with dental anxiety or fear, visit our trusted licensed sedation dentist in Rohnert Park, Dr. Sutton, for a gentle, pain-free visit.

Sedation is typically advised for scenarios involving:

  • Previous bad experiences in the dentist’s office
  • Mild anxiety to severe dental phobia
  • Multiple treatment needs or full-mouth restoration
  • Someone looking to enjoy the gentlest experience possible
  • Dental extractions or root canal therapy
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implant placement
Sonoma Smiles Sedation

Dental Sedation Options Available

Various levels of sedation dentistry allow you to choose the one most appropriate for your situation. Some are lighter, while others provide the deepest relaxation available. Depending on the type of treatment you need and what your goals are, you can select from sedation options like:

Mild Nitrous Oxide (Inhalation Sedation)

“Laughing gas” is a light analgesic that provides mild to moderate relaxation. You might compare the feeling to having a couple of glasses of wine. Although you’re fully alert, you simply don’t care as much about what’s going on. Nitrous oxide is excellent for everyday dental procedures or mild anxiety. You can even request it during your routine six-month dental cleaning. As an added benefit, there are no lingering side effects; you can drive yourself home afterward.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation provides deep relaxation without feeling like you’re completely asleep. Instead, you’ll feel daydreamy or like you’re taking a light nap. This mid-range dental sedation is excellent for people who require moderate dental care or who suffer from severe anxiety/dental phobia.

General Anesthesia

The deepest level of sedation available in our Rohnert Park dental office is available with our board-certified dental anesthesiologist. With general anesthesia, you can feel as if you’re sleeping straight through procedures like full-mouth dental implants or wisdom tooth extractions.

Non-Sedation NuCalm Relaxation

NuCalm is a needle-free, medication-free sedation alternative that uses neurostimulation to provide similar results as dental sedation. The way it works is by altering stimuli such as light and noise—along with numbing cream used inside of the mouth— to make it feel as if you’re in a deeper sedated or trance-like state.

NuCalm is excellent for our patients who are extremely fearful of the dentist’s office or who suffer from dental phobia. Because it does not use any drugs or injections, NuCalm is a safe and gentle way to assist our most nervous patients that require dental care.

Why Choose Sonoma Smiles

Dr. Sutton has been recognized with a Fellowship status by the Dental Organizations for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). DOCS provides some of the highest levels of training and credentialing of sedation dentistry providers in the country.

As one of the most experienced dentists in Sonoma County who uses multi-level sedation practices, Dr. Sutton offers care to hundreds of people per year who might not otherwise feel comfortable accessing oral health services.

Sedation Dentist In Rohnert Park

Sonoma Smiles provides a variety of dental sedation options to fit your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our gentle care experience.

Dr. Sutton is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in Sonoma County

About Dr. Wayne Sutton

A renowned cosmetic dentist in Sonoma County, Dr. Sutton has over 20 years of experience and maintains a standard of excellence at his implant center using the strongest dental implant bridge currently available to provide predictable full mouth dental implant reconstructions.

Dr. Sutton received his postgraduate at The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in San Francisco and his doctorate and three years of experience as a clinical instructor from UCSF School of Dentistry in 1997, where he was the only one to receive the “Clinical Excellence Award”. He also studied Advanced Occlusion at the Hornbrook Group and earned his Fellowship in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics.

Today, Dr. Sutton takes over 4 times the annual continuing education requirements to maintain his license. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (awarded his Fellowship), the Academy of General Dentistry (Fellowships status), the American Dental Implant Association (Diplomat status), the American Dental Association, the American Academy for Dental Sleep Medicine, and is a select cosmetic dentist recognized as an Official Dentist of the Mrs. Globe – Mrs. USA Pageants.