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Sonoma Smiles, providing world-class cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry under one roof

For a quarter of a century, Dr. Wayne Sutton has served individuals’ oral health needs in Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, and greater Sonoma County. A graduate of the UCSF School of Dentistry, Dr. Sutton has continuously accrued additional skills and knowledge of the latest techniques that modern dentistry has to offer, courtesy of prestigious institutions such as The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in San Francisco and sought-after distinctions (he was the first dentist in northern California to earn a Fellowship in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics).

Dr. Sutton’s skills and experience in restorative, cosmetic, sedation, and sleep dentistry are further complemented by specialty expertise. He has over 20 years of experience in smile reconstruction and is a Diplomat of the American Dental Implant Association. What does all of this mean for you? Other dental practices, near and far, may say that they offer advanced treatments, such as dental implants for tooth replacement; however, these offices may only be equipped to handle one aspect of the implant process. The actual placement of the implant in the jawbone must be referred out to a specialist office, which adds to the hassle and costs associated with care.

Here at Sonoma Smiles, we have the capabilities to handle all aspects – from positioning to restoration – of the implant process in-house. In fact, this philosophy applies to all cosmetic, preventative, general, and rehabilitative dental services. We are indeed your “one-stop” for world-class dentistry. These services include: 

  • Professional cleanings to preserve natural teeth 
  • Comprehensive routine exams with accurate, comfortable 3D digital imaging technologies 
  • Advanced surgical care
  • Oral appliance therapy to resolve conditions ranging from TMJ dysfunction to sleep-disordered breathing (sleep apnea)
  • Natural and highly durable dental restorations to replace a portion of a tooth or an entire tooth; options span tooth-colored dental fillings and porcelain crowns to dental bridges and Fountain of Youth® neuromuscular dentures
  • Cosmetic care and smile makeovers with procedures such as professional deep bleaching (for stubborn tooth discoloration) and lovely porcelain veneers

Due to our considerable knowledge of dental sedation, we are an appropriate destination for patients with dental anxiety and fear. We offer both medicated and non-medicated sedation dentistry, such as NuCalm. Every patient deserves a stellar experience at our Rohnert Park, California office. These experiences keep you and your family returning for the care necessary to support exceptional oral health and overall well-being. 

 Call (707) 868-0666 to schedule an appointment with our team at Sonoma Smilesconveniently located near Sonoma State University. You can also request an appointment, day or night, by selecting the “schedule online” button on this website.

Welcome to Sonoma Smiles

Welcome to Sonoma Smiles

Hey there, Dr. Wayne Sutton here. I wanted to take a moment just to give you a little bit of a feeling for our practice here at Sonoma Smiles in Rohnert Park. Uh, I have been an owner here in the practice for 24 years now, and we’ve been serving the community here in Rohnert Park for, for all of that time. Um, greatly enjoy our patients. We have a wonderful patient pool, uh, specializing in cosmetics. I’ve been doing that for years. And, uh, implant reconstruction dentistry here in the office. Uh, we’ve been licensed sedation doctors for many, many years to over 20 years now, and it’s been a wonderful service for our patients to be able to get treated under one roof with all of their needs and do it in comfort. Our practice is a little bit different than some. Uh, you may have been experienced to practices that are more of a clinic environment.

Um, we do have a private practice here where we cater to individual patient needs and come up with custom treatment plans as needed. Uh, we try to foster relationships with our patients. We try to take the time to really get to understand what people need and what they want, and do my very best to, to provide you with the highest quality of care possible with today’s technology. Uh, we love doing smile makeover dentistry. It’s one of the things I’m passionate about and we love offering new smiles with dental implants. I’ve been doing implant surgery for 12 to 13 years now, uh, and smile design dentistry for 23 years in this office. So it’s been a wonderful, wonderful journey. Uh, I hope that you will find this, uh, experience, uh, wonderful. Take a peek at our websites and you will see hopefully some really solid reviews and, uh, look forward to meeting everybody and going through a custom treatment plan for you and, uh, based on comfort, quality, and compassion.Thanks.

Dr. Wayne Sutton


Dr. Wayne Sutton,

Dr. Wayne Sutton and the team at Sonoma Smiles have been providing comprehensive dental care to families in Sonoma County for over 20 years.

American Dental Association
California Dental Association
American academy of implant dentistry
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Dental organization for conscious sedation
Full Mouth Implants

Badly damaged or missing all of your teeth?

“Full Mouth” Dental Implants

Same-day teeth with the best dental implant center in Sonoma County. Hundreds of patients turn to Dr. Sutton each year for his expertise and knowledge of same-day teeth and full-mouth dental implants in Santa Rosa.

Advantages Of Full Mouth Implants

  • No removable appliances
  • Naturally, support your facial features
  • Prevent premature bone loss, facial sagging
  • More durable than dentures
  • No changes to your speech or diet

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Dental anxiety is real Sedation can help

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Testimonial 1

Hi, my name is Ray Treviso. I’ve been coming to Dr. Sutton’s office for at least 16 years. Various problems, the normals, you know, little cavities starting and such. In my early days, I had, I bit a car riding my bicycle and had my front teeth chipped. As I was growing up, my lower teeth was hitting underneath and I had to have them pulled. Dr. Sutton made a partial, which was great. It fit well and it functioned well. Over years, Perio problems on my uppers. They were coming out one at a time over the years. And I finally decided with all the information that Dr. Sutton had given me about implants. And I decided to go with it. It’s wonderful. It feels great. It feels natural, normal. They do, it’s like they’re, they grew in my mouth like real teeth. And it’s great. I love the look. I love the feel. It’s very pleasing. Yes, I would definitely recommend Dr. Sutton’s services to anyone.

Testimonial 7

My name is Jennifer Tarantino. So about a year and a half ago, I came in to visit Dr. Sutton and he told me that I need to have all my teeth removed, a condition that I had. So in September, I had all of my teeth removed and then I had some implants put in, and just recently I had almost permanent—these are my actually almost permanent teeth—put in and they’re great because I’ve been able to chew things that I haven’t been able to do for a really long time. The other day, I actually called my husband because I was able to bite into an apple for the very first time, so it was awesome. It sounds silly, but I haven’t been able to do that in a really long time, so it was pretty cool.

Before I had—my son is almost 10—and before I had him, even when I was pregnant, my gums bled a lot. And then I also lost some teeth while I was pregnant and some people just said it happens, you know, your body goes through things when you’re pregnant and it would just happen. And then after I had him, I actually lost a couple more teeth and my teeth, many of them are loose. And so I wasn’t even able to eat a lot of things before even with my regular—with my other teeth. And then slowly they just got worse, my gums got worse. Every time I brushed my teeth, my gums would bleed. Most of my teeth as Dr. Sutton knows were loose so I couldn’t really chew a lot of really anything, and like I said, I came in to Dr. Sutton about a year and a half ago, and that’s when he told me I need to have them all removed.

I think a lot of people when they don’t have problems with their teeth, they don’t understand how it affects your life and everything in your life that you do, and it’s been amazing and life changing for me, this whole process, and I’m very grateful.

And I feel healthier. I do. I feel healthier. I would recommend Dr. Wayne Sutton and his whole staff. They’ve been, it’s been life-changing for me. I’ve been just not confident in my smile for a very long time and I can actually smile, even on Facebook or when I take pictures everybody noticed that I’m smiling now and I haven’t done that in a really long time. So I’m very grateful. I’m very appreciative.

Testimonial 6

Hi, my name is Mike Vieth and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sutton’s for 17 years. In 2001, I had the front of six veneers done in my smile. The experience was wonderful. I’ve always been fearful of dentists ever since my time in the Marine Corps took me, it took Wayne several years to even talk me into the chair. But once I got in, it was really remarkable. It made a difference. I was always a little bit ashamed of my smile, didn’t readily smile. You couldn’t find a photograph of me in my early life ever smiling because I was self-conscious about it. Being in sales for a living made a world of difference. He put the veneers in and yeah, the more smiles you put out, the more you get back. It’s really amazing. I’m really amazed at the technology. Wayne told me that I would easily get 10 years out of these. Of course, I don’t think that these were on the market 10 years when he put ’em in. The fact that they’re holding up better than my real teeth are quite a testament to the veneers that he used and the porcelain work that he did.